Rollin Hunt’s The Phoney

I’m playing clarinet(s) on this great track “In The Window” off Rollin Hunt’s (new/old/debut/from mars) record.  I love all of Rollin’s music and was SO excited when he wanted a clarinets on this song.

This interview tells the story:

Interviewer:  One of my favorite tracks on The Phoney is In The Window. Can you tell us a bit more about how that track came together?
Rollin:  “Yeah, I wrote the words a long time ago. Then I was banging around on the piano and came up with the music. Devin Maxwell, who produced parts of the song, came up with the idea to do the piano parts with Katie Porter, who plays clarinet. Katie was super pregnant when we recorded her parts. The reverb is all natural on there. We recorded in an empty funereal home AKA Devin and Katie’s NYC studio/home.”

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