April 7, 2023 Phill Niblock premiere in Berlin. Galiläakirche. Katie Porter & Lucio Capece (Phase to Phase) bass clarinets.

April 10, 2023 Westminster Concert Series – Hear and Now Commission. SLC. New works by Kennedy Taylor Dixon, Raven Chacon, and Devin Maxwell.

April 16, 2023 NOVA Chamber Music Series SLC. Raven Chacon Bury Me Where The Lightning Will Never Find Me. Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Laura Ha, violin, Noriko Kishi, cello, Keith Carrick, percussion.

April 29, 2023 Ende Tymes Festival, Brooklyn, NY.

First Unitarian Church of Brooklyn119 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn Heights1pm doors, 2pm music

Raven Chacon “Voiceless Mass”with Alex Waterman, Jessica Pavone, Katie Porter, Leila Bordreuil, Luke Stewart, Laura Ortman, gabby fluke-mogul, Laura Cocks, Nava Dunkelman, Steven Long, Patrick Holmes, Carlo Costa, Bob Bellerue // Eternities (Katie Porter & Bob Bellerue) // gabby fluke-mogul & Nava Dunkelman // Chloe Alexandra Thompson.


March 16, 2023 Yasunao Tone Concert #3, Artists Space, 11 Cortlandt Alley, NYC, NY 8pm. Annea Lockwood, voice, Katie Porter, clarinet, Jen Baker, trombone, Chris Nappi, guitar.  The Fluxus-style The Seminar on the Purloined Letter (1998) is a looping, linear, a-logical composition performed by trombone, guitar, clarinet, and voice overlaid with an eponymous text written by Tone that results in a dizzying amalgamation of vocal and instrumental sound.

March 13, 2023 White Rabbit/ Red Rabbit and Protest Music at Westminster College, SLC. 5pm. Theater. 6:30pm reception. 7:30pm Protest music. Katie Porter, clarinets, Cecyl Ruehlen, sax, Kelariz Keshavarz, flutes, Indigo Rain Cook, percussion, Jin-Xiang Yu, soprano. Composer commissions by Bahar Royaee, Amin Sharifi, Devin Maxwell and Jeremy Woodruff.

March 11, 2023 4pm Protest Music at UMOCASLC. Katie Porter, clarinets. Cecyl Ruehlen, sax. Kelariz Keshavarz, flutes. In support of Women.Life.Freedom.

March 9, 2023 Roulette Interpretations Series Brooklyn, NY with Dan Joseph Ensemble: Katie Porter (clarinets), Erin Rogers (sax), Tom Chiu (violin), Clara Kennedy (cello)

March 5, 2023 Avalon, Catskills, NY Eternities (Katie Porter & Bob Bellerue). S͟p͟r͟e͟a͟d͟e͟r͟s͟. M͟a͟r͟i͟e͟ ͟C͟a͟r͟r͟o͟l͟l͟ + Z͟o͟o͟t͟s͟ ͟H͟o͟u͟s͟t͟o͟n͟. U͟g͟l͟y͟ ͟B͟i͟k͟e͟ x M͟i͟d͟n͟i͟g͟h͟t͟ ͟D͟e͟n͟t͟a͟l͟.l. Hosted by Notice Recordings

Feb 9, 2023 Olivia De Prato/ Katie Porter at Brick 15 in Vienna, Austria. Vienna celebration of the record release I.AM ARTIST MOTHER PROJECT

Feb 7/8, 2023 Recordings with Lucio Capece, Quentin Tolimieri, Werner Dafeldecker in Berlin

Feb 7, 2023 Phase to Phase at KM28 Berlin, Germany + Sofia Salvo solo + Quentin Tolimieri’s Bass Clarinet, Piano, Bass (Katie Porter, Werner Dafeldecker, Quentin Tolimieri)

Feb 2-5, 2023 Opening 23 Festival, Trier, Germany. Phase to Phase: Katie Porter/ Lucio Capece

Jan 27, 2023 ETERNITIES recording session with Bob Bellerue & Teerapat Parnmongkol at Pioneer Works, NYC

Jan 26, 2023 ETERNITIES (Katie Porter/ Bob Bellerue) at Shift 411, Brooklyn, NY 8PM with David Grubbs & Eli Winter, Reg Bloor

Dec 21, 2022 Phill Niblock SOLSTICE concert at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Dec 20, 2022 Infrequent Seams Streamfest 4 at Roulette with Ghost Ensemble Catherine Lamb: interius/exterius, world premiere. Pauline Oliveros: N.Y. Air (Arctic Air) with IONE. Brooklyn, NY

Dec 19, 2022 Infrequent Seams Streamfest 4 at Roulette with Ghost Ensemble, Either/Or, 4tet2duos Brooklyn, NY

Dec 8, 2022 John Hastings Spirals Brick Aux Space, Brooklyn, NY

Monday 12/5 at Berlin School of Sound, Berlin
Phase to Phase (Katie Porter & Lucio Capece, bass clarinets)//Andrea Parkins (amplified objects & electronics) + Eliad Wagner (synthesizer)// Angeles Rojas -Breathe into the forest, into the bird into the song- Kevin Sommer- Bb clarinet, Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Sofia Salvo, bari sax, Jeremy Woodruff, bari sax, Lucio Capece, feedback, Julian Galay, tuning forks, Angeles Rojas, Shruti box// Jeremy Woodruff – Ne Voyne (Katie Porter, bass clarinet & Jeremy Woodruff, bari sax, field recordings)

Saturday 12/3 at Nuit Beautas, Grand Hospice, Brussels
Phase to Phase, S. Kakouri & P.Jacquemyn /Eve Bonneau &PJV/GM Hinant& N.Vanderlinden

Dec 2, 2022 Phill Niblock Sub Rosa Special Arcane #6: Phill Niblock/ Katherine Liberovskaya/ Guy De Bievre / Lore Luxenborg / Lucio Capece / Katie Porter. Sweet Potato, Katie Porter & Lucio Capece (Phase to Phase) bass clarinets. Le Lac, Brussels, Belgium produced by Sub Rosa & Guy-Marc Hinant

Nov 9 2022, Brian Harnetty Words and Silences premiere. Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus,Ohio. Brian Harnetty, piano, Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Jeremy Woodruff, flute/alto sax, Phil Rodriguez, trumpet and William Lang, trombone.

Oct 31, 2022 Westminster Concert Series, SLC, UT. Pushing Boundaries. Katie Porter plays Unsuk Chin “Advice from a Caterpillar” from Alice In Wonderland opera, bass clarinet solo, and Isang Yun Pezzo Fantasioso with Kelariz Keshavaraz, flute and Lori Wike, bassoon.

Oct 24, 2022 Abravanel Series, SLC, UT. Dumke Recital Hall, U of U.  Katie Porter plays Manuela Meier ‘iterate no tracebass clarinet solo, and Fred Lerdahl Reflection trio with Caitlyn Valovick Moore, flute & Steven Vanhauwaert, piano

Sept 22, 2022 8PM Daniel Goode’s FLEXIBLE ORCHESTRA (NYC, NY) at @ Ukrainian National Home, 140 2nd Ave, at 9th St.

Sept 10, 2022 OPUS 40 Verbatim in Saugerties,NY: Quartet or Two Duos (James Ilgenfritz, Teerapat Parnmongkol, Katie Porter, Lucie Vítková)

Sept 9, 2022 RED ROOM Baltimore: Quartet or Two Duos (James Ilgenfritz, Teerapat Parnmongkol, Katie Porter, Lucie Vítková)

Sept 9, 2022 Peabody Conservatory- Sky Macklay Studio composer workshop: Quartet or Two Duos (James Ilgenfritz, Teerapat Parnmongkol, Katie Porter, Lucie Vítková)

Sept 8, 2022 RHIZOME, DC: Quartet or Two Duos (James Ilgenfritz, Teerapat Parnmongkol, Katie Porter, Lucie Vítková)

Aug 12, 2022 UMOCA, SLC, UT. 6-9PM. Art Opening performance with Katie Porter, bass clarinet and Christine Tavolacci, bass flute. Duos by Christine Tavolacci/Katie Porter, Wadada Leo Smith, Antoine Beuger and Germaine Sijstermans.

July 19-24 Klangraum Week 2. Dusseldorf, Germany. Weeklong residency and performances. Katie Porter/ Lucio Capece Phase to Phase.

July 16, 2022 Berlin, Germany. Phase to Phase house show with Lucio Capece.

July 5-10, 2022 Klangraum Week 1. Dusseldorf, Germany. Weeklong residency and performances.

May 20, 2022 Alvin Lucier Festival, The Corcoran, George Washington University, DC. Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Tuba played by Katie Porter, Laura Cetilia and Liz Prince.  Among other works

May 19, 2022 Alvin Lucier Festival, Wright Theater, Baltimore, MD.  Katie Porter plays Septet, Devin Maxwell plays Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator, and One Or More Reflective Surfaces.  Among other works

May 12, 2022 Roulette Interpretations Series : Juho Laitinen / Tom Hamilton. -POSTPONED- 

May 4-7, 2022 Red Desert Ensemble residency at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.  Composer workshops, and recording session with Steve Horowitz.

May 3, 2022 Freddies, Brooklyn, NY. Quartet or Two Duos (Ilgenfritz, Parnmongkol, Porter, Vítková)

May 1, 2022 Lace Mill, Kingston NY. Quartet or Two Duos (Ilgenfritz, Parnmongkol, Porter, Vítková) + Jeffrey Leppendorf, shakuhachi

April 30 Daniel Goode’s Loft, Spring Street, NYC, NY. Premiere of The Bridges of Pittsburgh a clarinet duet for Katie Porter with Eileen Mack, and solo clarinet works.

April 29 The Woods, Ridgewood, Queens  Quartet or Two Duos (James Ilgenfritz, Teerapat Parnmongkol, Katie Porter, Lucie Vítková) with Nepenthae : Zach Layton and Henry Fraser

April 27 Shift 02, Brooklyn, NY  Act 1: Quartet or Two Duos (Ilgenfritz, Porter, Parnmongkol, Vítková)  Act 2: Michael Foster & Ben Bennett.  411 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY

April 15, 2022 7pm Red Desert at Mundi Project’s Something New. Alliance Theater, SLC. Works by Herbert Brun, Tim Parkinson, Devin Maxwell, and Nina C Young 

April 10, 2022 NOVA Chamber Music Series, Songs of the Americas, Libby Gardner Hall, SLC, UT 3PM. The Gettysburg Address by Anthony R. Green for chamber ensemble

April 4, 2022 Abravanel Series Concert, SLC, Ut. Visiting Distinguished Composer Tamar Diesendruck.  Katie Porter plays Michelle Lou Telegrams and Red Desert plays Aegir by Joseph Dangerfield.

April 3, 2022 Westminster College School of Music. SLC, UT 3-6PM. Out of the Silence: Celebrating Women’s Contributions to Electronic Music.  Red Desert plays Nina C. Young and Michelle Lou/ FILM SCREENING: Sisters with Transistors / Eliane Radigue Triptych

March 28, 2022 Radical Quiet Honors classes at the University of Utah – Workshop & Performance

March 24, 2022 Katie Porter plays Alvin Lucier’s In Memoriam Jon Higgins at the Utah Clarinet Festival, University of Utah School of Music. And Lecture/Recital: New ideas for bass clarinet in the works of Michelle Lou, Laura Cetilia, Manuela Meier

Feb 23, 2022 Katie Porter presents at Y-Exchange, San Francisco. Artist talk

Feb 13, 2022 Red Desert plays Cornell Composers, Lincoln Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.  Works by Maria Bulla, Laura Cetilia, Han Xu, John Eagle, Josh Biggs and Miles Friday.

Feb 12, 2022 12-12:30pm Katie Porter solo concert, Alice Cook House at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.  Solos by Giacinto Scelsi and Johanna Beyer.

Feb 2022  Red Desert Ensemble residency at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players

Jan 31, 2022 Abravanel Series, SLC, UT. Manuela Meier ‘iterate no trace‘ bass clarinet solo -POSTPONED-

Jan 6, 2022 Flexible Orchestra in NYC. Katie Porter premieres Daniel Goode’s Bridges of Pittsburgh duet. -POSTPONED-


Dec 15, 2021 QUBIT at Trans-Pecos in NYC A Quartet or Two Duos: Katie Porter, James Ilgenfritz, Lucie Vitkova, Teerapat Parnmongkol

Dec 6, 2021 Pamela Z’s Twenty Answers with the Westminster Chamber Players at Westminster College, SLC

Nov 19-20, 2021 High Desert Soundings Festival. Joshua Tree, California.  Malosma, Katie Porter and Christine Tavolacci duo.

Nov 14, 2021 NOVA Chamber Music Series, Songs of Life, Libby Gardner Hall, SLC, UT 3PM Alfred Schnittke, Serenade for 5 Instruments and Devin Maxwell’s Get Along Little Dogies

Oct 29, 2021 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYCPiano+ Winds Concert #29 St. Paul’s Church. New works for piano and winds by Teodora Stepancic, Laura Cetilia and Assaf Gidron. Katie Porter, Lester St. Louis, Erin Rogers, Assaf Gidron, Douglas Farrand, Weston Olencki

Oct 28, 2021 Interstitials Newtown Creek, Queens, NYC. 10:30AM Katie Porter, John Hastings, Aaron Meicht – a short performance activating our urban environment / infrastructure.

Oct 23, 2021 Avant GaRAWge, Provo, Utah.  8PM Katie Porter solo bass clarinet and electronics: Michelle Lou, Phill Niblock, John Lely, improvisations on Alice Coltrane. With Larsplund.

Sept 16 Park City Community Garden, Park City, Utah.   Red Desert Ensemble plays Maxwell, Niblock, Scelsi, Oliveros, Lucier, Tenney.  -POSTPONED-

Sept 5 at St. Petersburg Art Space Berlin, Germany.  Lucio Capece and I will premiere Phase to Phase I and Phase to Phase II, our bass clarinet duos.

Sept 3, 2021 KM28 Berlin, Germany Katie Porter, clarinets with electronics// James Ilgenfritz, bass.  Solo works by Teodora Stepancic, Devin Maxwell, Lucie Vítková, and Gergely Szabó, and improvisations with Viola Yip, Nicola Hein, Chris Heenan, Magda Mayas, and Axel Dörner.  

Aug 18-29 Ostrava Days Festival 2021 (Czech Republic), principle clarinet orchestra and chamber music premieres

  • Aug 19 Start/The Coming/The Past, Hlubina Coal Mine
  • Aug 22 Orchestra Opening, Triple Hall Karolina
  • Aug 23 Ostravska Banda I, Triple Hall Karolina
  • Aug 26 Ostravska Banda II, Triple Hall Karolina
  • Aug 28 Last Call, Janacek Conservatory

Aug 3-5 Duo project with Christine Tavolacci, Automatica, Los Angeles, CA

July 26-30 Utah Arts Festival Composer Commissions, Clarinet/bass clarinet

June 17-20 Red Desert Ensemble at Infrequent Seams Stream Fest (online) Performing Lucie Vitkova Choral No.13 with video by Dev Harlan and Devin Maxwell’s 4th of July with film by Rollin Hunt

May 31-June 1 Collaboration with composer Patricia Alessandrini (Stanford CCRMA) at Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels.

May 2021 ELMS (Experimental Listening & Music Sessions) Boston+ (Online)

April 30, 2021 6PM Bass Clarinet + electronics + electronics, Pop-Up concert, Art opening Dimitri Kozyrev and Joshua Graham at UMOCA with poet Alex Caldiero

April 22, 2021 Artivism for Earth, performances of chamber music by Yvette Janine Jackson and Matthew Burtner organized by Hasse Borrup and Elisabet Curbelo at the Utah Museum of Natural History.

April 16, 2021 7:30PM PST.  Malosma is a 35-minute-long work for bass flute, bass clarinet and video co-created by Katie Porter & Christine Tavolacci. Malosma uses both structured divinatory practices and improvisation to facilitate a meditation on the natural closing and creation of chapters, time and place. We want to share this work with all of you on the occasion of our birthdays (April 12 & 14), in celebration of life and the new growth that this season brings.


12/18/2020 7-10PM est. Infrequent Seams Stream Fest.  

I’m playing in 3 sets, on the second evening of this four day stream fest, full of label mates on Infrequent Seams and so many musicians I love and admire.  A celebration of our Red Desert record release!!

Saturday December 18th: 7pm-10pm EST

Streaming FREE on Twitch:

Katie Porter solo clarinet at the Sun Tunnels
Three works from Katie Porter’s ongoing solo experimental clarinet at Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels, filmed and recorded in 4 channels, deep in the northern Utah desert. This set is Microexercises by Christian Wolff, one part recorded on site and the second part In Situ, Long Distance from Clarinet Songs by Daniel Goode, and FIVE for solo clarinet & cell phone by Lucie Vítková.

Red Desert Ensemble: Bonneville Park 3 premiere (video by Svavar Jónatansson)
Bonneville Park 3 by Devin Maxwell for solo clarinet and electronics is the first release off the Red Desert Ensemble (Katie Porter clarinets, Devin Maxwell, percussion/electronics) debut album CHOROCHRONOS. Icelandic filmmaker and photographer Svavar Jónatansson created a dark-ambient video art response, a pairing of spacious intensity and shimmering electronics.

Red Desert Ensemble: duo set Katie Porter and Devin Maxwell
Red Desert Ensemble (Katie Porter, clarinets and Devin Maxwell, percussion) play American’t for clarinet and bowed guitar and bluesnoblues for electronics both by Devin Maxwell and A Song for a Desert for bass clarinet and vibraphone by Will Lang. Debut album CHOROCHRONOS featuring works by André Cormier, Devin Maxwell, Lucie Vítková and Michael Pisaro is released on Infrequent Seams

11/13/2020 Virtual Boston New Music Festival.  I’m playing in Jennie Gottschalk’s work, curated by Cindy Giron.  Here is the link:

10/29/2020 Live at Mise-En_Place (Brooklyn, NY) Teodora Stepancic’s DUETS album release (LIVESTREAM).  With Erin Rogers, Lucie Vitkova and Rachel Mangold.  Katie Porter premieres Clarinet sounds all over the place (2020) live with Teodora Stepancic. HERE IS THE LINK:

10/22-25 Participant at Stockholm University of the Arts Alliances and Commonalities Conference for Artistic and Collaborative Research.

10/2020 Red Desert reads 30 new duets for clarinet & percussion written by BYU Composers, students of Steve Ricks.

A*rray Listening Party
Hosted by Non-Event
Thursday, October 1st, 8:00 PM EST
Non-Event is hosting a special online listening party on the eve of the pre-release of Andy Graydon’s collaborative music project A*rray. We will be streaming A*rray 2, one of the seven pieces in the release that includes the work of 29 musicians from around the world.
A*rray 2 features: Katie Porter, France Jobin, Pierre Gerard, and Klaus Janek.

9/24/2020 Salty Showcase, Clarinet solos with video (LIVESTREAM) with dance artists Rachel Luebbert, Angela Lee, and filmmaker Taylor Mottf, filmmaker Nathaniel Woolley and choreographer Sophia Diehl.

9/10/2020 Red Desert Ensemble at the Summit Community Gardens (Park City, Utah), a benefit for the garden’s COVID 19 effort.  We’ll perform works from the avant-garde outdoors, including multiple percussion with audience participation encouraged!  BYO Dinner/Drinks, grab veggies from the garden!  TICKETS

7/2020 (*POSTPONED*) Red Desert Europe Tour.  UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal. with bassist James Ilgenfritz and musicians from the label Infrequent Seams

6/15/2020  (*POSTPONED*) Red Desert Debut Album Release Show. Infrequent Seams Festival at The Brick, Brooklyn, NY

6/6/2020 LIVESTREAM (6PM PDT/7PM Utah) I’ll be performing in Daniel Corral’s Sextet for Similar Sounds as part of Culture Hub Re-Fest, a global art & technology community founded by SeoulArts & La MaMa. (POSTPONED)

5/19/2020 LIVESTREAM (7PM Istanbul/10AM Utah) I’ll be playing live with bassist Sebastian Gramss (Cologne), Jeremy Woodruff (Istanbul/Berlin), cellist Anil Eraslin (Istanbul) and the incredible BC Manjunath (Bangalore) for a zoom livestream through the Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, the first iteration of the International Online Orchestra.  Here is the link

5/1/2020 (*POSTPONED*)  Katie Porter solo on Avant Vespers. Provo, UT.

4/13/2020 Red Desert LIVESTREAM  Artists-in-Residence at Westminster College, SLC, UT.   Solos and duos for clarinets and percussion by Giacinto Scelsi, Pauline Oliveros, Michelle Lou, Alvin Lucier, Devin Maxwell, Yoko Ono, Michael Pisaro.  Livestream archive here.  Preview by Les Roka in Utah Review here.

3/16/2020 Abravanel Series (*POSTPONED*).  University of Utah, SLC, UT.  Bass Clarinet solo by Manuela Meier.

3/2/2020 Red Desert THE FUTURE MUSIC, All Commissions Concert, Artists-in-Residence, Vieve Gore Concert Hall, Westminster College, SLC, UT.  Commissions for clarinet and percussion duo by Carolyn Chen, Devin Maxwell, Judith Berkson, Andre Cormier, James Falzone, Will Lang, Teodora Stepancic.   Review by Connor Lockie in 15 Bytes: Artists of Utah here.

2/28/2020 Red Desert at Glitter City, Denver, CO with New Topographics

2/25-27/2020 Red Desert at Casper New Music Days Casper College, Casper, WY.  Red Desert residency at Casper College in Casper, WY.  Workshops and performances of new bass clarinet and percussion works with Ron Coulter and percussion students for a concert Feb 27 at Casper College, Wheeler Concert Hall.

2/15/2020 Frey and Feldman at HUMAN RESOURCES, Los Angeles, CA.  Clarinet Quintets: Jurg Frey Quintet (1998) and Morton Feldman Clarinet and String Quartet (1983) with the KOAN Quartet.  Live recordings/video: Frey here.  Feldman here.

2/12/2020 BETALEVEL, Los Angeles, CA.  90 minute performance of Michael Pisaro’s Within 6 for solo clarinet with film and audio from Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels.

1/1/2020 Red Desert at 597 Concert Series, Brooklyn, NY.   Three sets of music for new years day on composer Teodora Stepancic’s 597 Concert Series.  Set one: 90 minutes of Within 6 by Michael Pisaro for solo clarinet, filmed and recorded at Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels with live clarinet performance.  Set two:  Red Desert plays works by Susanna Gartmayer, Johanna Beyer, Tim Parkinson, Devin Maxwell, Pauline Oliveros, Lucie Vitkova.  Set three: Performance of new work by Teodora Stepancic, Assaf Gidron and LCollective.  Live recordings of solos from parts of the set released by LOVE RECORDS here.


12/6/2019 Red Desert at Kelsey Harrison’s Never an Hour for ThoughtUMOCA, SLC, UT.  Red Desert plays inside Kelsey Harrison’s intermedia sculpture installation art.  Works by Susanna Gartmayer, Alvin Lucier, Katie Porter, Lucie Vitkova, Carolyn Chen, Devin Maxwell.  

11/10/2019  Black House Montreal, Montreal, Canada Nov 10, 2019.  Kim Farris-Manning, Rachel Gray, Katie Porter and Jennie Gottschalk, – Katie Porter performs solo Jennie Gottschalk and Michael Pisaro with 4 channel film from Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels.

10/28/2019  Red Desert: The Edge of Music (Artists-in-Residence)                     Westminster College, SLC, UT.  Karlheinz Stockhausen TIERKREIS Melodies (arranged for clarinets and percussion by Red Desert) (1975-77), Johannes Kreidler Fantasies of Downfall for vibraphone, audio and video playback (2015), Lucie Vítková Choral no. 13 for clarinet/bass clarinet and vibraphone/percussion (Commissioned by Red Desert, 2017), Devin Maxwell Dissent 2 for clarinet and percussion (Premiere 2019), Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A for solo percussion (1989), James Tenney Monody for solo clarinet (1959), John Cage Atlas Eclipticalis Clarinet parts I, II, III (1961), John Cage 45’ for a Speaker (1954), John Cage 27’10.554″ for a percussionist (1956)

10/20/2019 12 Minutes Max Series  Salt Lake Public Library, SLC, UT . One movement of Within 6 for solo clarinet by Michael Pisaro with film from Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels.  

10/15/2019 Pop-Up Concert with Trombonist Will Lang    Art Studio, Converse 311, Westminster College.  Premiere of Dissent 1 by Devin Maxwell for bass clarinet, trombone and electronics

10/5/2019 UMFA Sun Tunnels Meet-Up    Sun Tunnels, Lucin, UT.  Solo clarinet pieces at Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels. Works by: Jennie Gottschalk, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Giacinto Scelsi.

8/22-31/2019 OSTRAVA DAYS FESTIVAL, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet resident with Ostrava Banda on chamber music premieres by Amin Sharifi Aposynthesy, Edgars Rubenis A Particular Window, James Falzone Punctuated Equalibrium,Matt Simon Found Objects, Jee Won Kim, Who Am I? with Studio Dan (Vienna), Daniel Lo POIDS, Christian Wolff Small Orchestra Piece, Theo Finkle Super Ostrawitzka, M.O. Abbott Ascention Tube and performances of Terry Riley In C and Yves Klein Monotone-Silence

8/1/2019 ELMS IV: The Experimental Listening and Music Sessions.  Lilypad Inman, Boston, MA.  Premieres of works by Laura Cetilia, Ian Power, Nomi Epstein and Jennie Gottschalk.

7/11-13/2019  VU Symposium for experimental, electronic and improvised music, Park City Library, Park City, Utah,  Co-Founder and Organizer, also premiered Joseph Davancens Abyssal Plane for bass clarinet, bass and electronics and a Red Desert after-hours set at our cabin.

6/9/2019 Listen/Space Commissions at Dogstar Orchestra Festival, Wild Beast, CalArts, Valencia, CA .  Works by: Quentin Tolimieri, Travis Just, G Dougla Barrett, Eric KM Clark, Laura Steenberge, Nathan Herrera, Stephanie Richards, Andrew Munsey, Andre Cormier, Jonathan Marmor, Devin Maxwell, Christine Tavolacci 

4/17/2019  Red Desert and Radical Quiet, Sight & Sound Series, UMFA, SLC, UT.  Morton Feldman Bass Clarinet and Percussion, and works by Pauline Oliveros, Devin Maxwell and Terry Riley.

2/22/2019 Utah Clarinet Festival.  Harris Building of Fine Arts, BYU, UT Feb 22, 2019  Solo clarinet performance of Lucie Vitkova’s FIVE and Daniel Goode’s Long Distance

2/3/2019 Sarah Hennies at MOMA PS1.  MOMA PS1, New York City, NY.  Sarah Hennies’ PASSING on Queer Trash : with Ka Baird, Derek Baron, Lea Bertucci, Michael Foster, Rebekah Heller, Joshua Rubin and Katie Porter. 

2/2/2019 Wild UP: We The People, Libby Gardner Concert Hall, Utah Presents, SLC, UT Chamber music of Julius Eastman, James Tenney, Louis Andriessen, Frederick Rzewski, Pauline Oliveros, with the Los Angeles-based ensemble Wild UP.

1/4/2019 Avant Vespers Series. St Mary’s Church, Provo, UT.  A solo set with works by Lucie Vitkova and Devin Maxwell’s PH4 for bass clarinet & electronics.


12/10-20/2018  Estalagem Ponta do Sol Residency for Instruments and Electronics in Madeira, Portugal.  Capela Sao Sebastiao, Madeira, Portugal.  Performances of solo bass clarinet works by Ruben Borges, PH4 solo bass clarinet and electronics by Devin Maxwell, FIVE by Lucie Vitkova and improvisation with electronics and composers Marina Schlagintweit, Kirsten Strom and flutist Keiko Murakami.

12/7/2018  Red Desert: S_L_O_W Trios Alice Gallery, SLC, UT.  Bass clarinet & marimba works from our Red Desert duo pieces with Jake Rosenzweig joining us on bass for PH3 and PH4, at an art opening for artists Kelly Baisley and Virginia Catherall: Sense of Place, Great Salt Lake, works in textiles and photography.

11/11/2018 Wandelweiser solo clarinet on the SHH! Series, Salt Lake Public Library, SLC, UT.  Solos by Michael Pisaro, Jurg Frey and Anastassis Philippakopoulos

10/26-27/2018 Brian Harnetty Shawnee, OH, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

10/29/2018 Red Desert at the Spiral Jetty.  Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, UT.  UMFA Spiral Jetty Meet-Up.  Program: Michael Pisaro Within 6 for solo clarinet, David Dunn Place: Part 1, John Hastings Spirals for Jettie, Lucie Vitkova FIVE, Michael Pisaro A Little Dance, Pauline Oliveros Single Stroke Roll Meditation, James Tenney Having Never Written a Note for Percussion, Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A

9/19/2018 Red Desert: Beginnings and Ends, Site and Sound Series. UMFA Great Hall, SLC, UT.  Johanna Beyer Suite 1 for solo clarinet, John Cage 4’33” and 0’00”, Adrian Democ A Luca Marenzio II for clarinet/percussion/electronics, Susanna Gartmayer E for contra-bass clarinet, Devin Maxwell Wind Harmonics for electronics, Giacinto Scelsi IXOR for solo clarinet, James Tenney Three Pieces for Drum Quartet, Lucie Vitkova Choral No. 13 for clarinet/percussion duo, Christian Wolff Microexercises.

9/17/2018 Red Desert play Lucier, Oliveros and Wolff, Fridman Gallery 5th Anniversary Festival, NYC, NY.    Program: Alvin Lucier Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator and One or More Reflective Surfaces, Johannes Kreidler Fantasies of Downfall, Devin Maxwell bluesnoblues2, Pauline Oliveros Single Stroke Roll Meditation, Lucie Vitkova FIVE, Christian Wolff Microexercises with Ikue Mori, Charmaine Lee, Ben Bennett

9/15/2018 Seven Count at Outpost Artist Resources, Queens, NY

9/15/2018 Red Desert at Calhoun School, NYC, NY.  Program: Johannes Kreidler Fantasies of Downfall, Giacinto Scelsi IXOR, Lucie Vitkova FIVE, Christian Wolff Microexercises with the Michael Lytle Trio

8/5/2018 Experimental Listening & Music Sessions, Boston, MA.  Premieres by Laura Cetilia, Nomi Epstein, Colin Tucker, Brian Harnetty, Jennie Gottschalk, Adam Tinkle and D. Edward Davis

6/20-26/2018 4th Annual Listen/Space Residency, Tollgate Canyon, Wanship, UT.  New commissions by Lucie Vitkova, Stephanie Richards, Devin Maxwell, Eric KM Clark, Kevin Farrell, Jonathan Marmor and Andre Cormier with musicians Katie Porter, Kristin Olson, Christine Tavolacci, Eric KM Clark, Nathan Herrera, Phil Rodriguez, Gavin Ryan, Jake Rosenzweig and Kevin Farrell.  House concert featuring Andre Cormier’s Piling Sand, Piling Stone 4, a US premiere of the 96 minute cumulative delay loop for solo flute performed by Christine Tavolacci, and works by James Tenney, Johannes Kreidler and Devin Maxwell.

5/5/2018  Sarah Hennies’ Passing at Qubit Project Q, NYC, NY 

3/30/2018  Brian Harnetty’s Shawnee, OH Kenyon College, Ohio

3/20/2018  Liquid Music Series: Brian Harnetty’s Shawnee, OH.  St. Paul, Minnesota.  Part of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s No Fiction Festival

2/25/2018  NOVA Chamber Music Series: Steve Mackey & Rosenzweig, SLC, UT.  Premiere of Snip, Snip by Morris Rosenzweig and Steve Mackey’s Micro-Concerto 

2/18/2018  Red Desert and Muto Infinitas at C4NM, Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA.  Program: Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros and Devin Maxwell with Catherine Lamb’s Muto Infinitas.

2/17/2018  RED DESERT + CATHERINE LAMB’S MUTO INFINITAS, Indexical Series, Santa Cruz, CA.  Program: Devin Maxwell Cloudseeding 4 for bass clarinet & electronics, Phill Niblock, Lucie Vitkova, Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Lucier.  With Catherine Lamb’s Muto Infinitas by Christine Tavolacci and Scott Worthington. Live recording here.

2/1/2018  Michael Hersch On The Threshold of Winter, NOVA Chamber Music Series, Bass Clarinet on one act, one woman opera by Michael Hersch.

1/27/2018  Crosstalk Electroacoustic Concert, BYU, Provo, UT.  Devin Maxwell Cloudseeding 4 for bass clarinet and electronics 30’

1/20/2018  Red Desert at Next Ensemble, Alleged, Ogden, UT.  Devin Maxwell Cloudseeding 4 for solo bass clarinet & electronics 30′, Alvin Lucier Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator, and One or More Reflective Surfaces 8′, Daniel Goode Long Distance for solo clarinet 3′, Pauline Oliveros All Fours for drumset 4′, Lucie Vítková Solo Clarinet 5′, Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A 7′

1/12/2018  VESPERS 11: Jennie Gottschalk/Katie Porter, Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, MA.  Solo concert with music by Daniel Goode, Lucie Vitkova, Devin Maxwell, Susanna Gartmayer and Michael Pisaro