WANDELWEISER Twin Cities Festival


I was part of the ensemble to premiere 9 new pieces by the Wandelweiser Collective in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I played bass clarinet almost exclusively, and loved the moments where Jürg Frey and I had some beautiful clarinet duets, our first time performing together.  Our ensemble: Nomi Epstein, Erik Carlson, Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Jürg Frey, Dante Boon and myself.   A terrific ensemble and great group of people.  Here were the programs (the Manfred Werder ~ 2014(2)//1 Ausfuehrender was performed as a duet for bass clarinet & piano)

4pm Saturday, September 27th
Eva-Maria Houben ~ places to listen – ravens
Johnny Chang ~ citara I/II
Eva-Maria Houben ~ places to listen – spring
Manfred Werder ~ 2014(2)//1 Ausfuehrender
Radu Malfatti ~ Kyougo

8pm Saturday, September 27th
Michael Pisaro ~ Extinguished
Stefan Thut ~ six and two
Antoine Beuger ~ desert into dwelling place

1pm Sunday, September 28th
Jürg Frey ~ Movement, Ground, Fragility
Manfred Werder ~ 2014(2)//1 Ausfuehrender
Dante Boon ~ st. paul