Solos at Avant Vespers in Provo Jan 4

I enjoyed sharing a show with Christian Asplund and Lulu Asplund at Avant Vespers in Provo, Utah.  I played Vitkova FIVE and Maxwell Cloudseeding 4, my go-to solo set as of late, I’m loving letting these works develop over time.  I inexplicitly didn’t take any photos (maybe because I had an entire carload of electronics) but I did take a picture of my fortune from the Pho noodle shop.  I’ve been thinking so much about community and building community in music, and about how you can’t create music in a vaccum.  And how both of these works came out of deep friendships.  So yeah, call an old friend today.img_20190104_193656

Upcoming shows & talks, etc 2019!!

Jan 4, 2019 7:30PM solo experimental bass clarinet @ Avant Vespers, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Provo, Utah

Feb 2, 2019 7:30PM  with Wild UP: We The People @ Libby Gardner Hall, SLC, Utah

Feb 3, 2019 3-6PM with Sarah Hennies and Queer Trash @ MOMA PS1, NYC, New York

Feb 22, 2019 2PM Katie Porter presents extreme and extended techniques for clarinet & bass clarinet in modern and experimental music @ Utah Clarinet Festival 2019, BYU, Provo, Utah

Feb 22 2019 5PM Katie Porter solo experimental clarinet performance at Utah Clarinet Festival 2019, BYU, Provo, Utah

March 18 & 20, 2019 2PM Katie Porter guest talks about heightened and extended musical experiences at Phillip Bimstein’s RADICAL QUIET honors course, University of Utah, SLC, Utah

March 25 2019 7:30PM  Red Desert: The Edge of Music at Westminster College, SLC, Ut  (***POSTPONED UNTIL THE FALL 2019!!***)


Music into mountains, deserts, oceans

In 2019 I plan to send more music I love off mountains and into the desert and into the ocean. I spent some time in Madeira learning a Lois V Vierk piece, here’s a snip from my practice room!!! Happy New year all you inspiring people xo kp