Dog Star 9 : Katie Porter, Devin Maxwell, Colin Wambsgans and James Klopfleisch

Playing a show in LA for Michael Pisaro’s DOG STAR 9.  August 10, 2013.  A house concert featuring works composed an performed by NYC-based clarinetist Katie Porter and Devin Maxwell along with text scores from LA-based Colin Wambsgans and James Klopfleisch.

This is a show is being graciously hosted by Christine Tavolacci. And it’s in her living room.

Devin Maxwell – Ridgewood, NY
Didier Aschour – Katie and I
Daniel Goode – Long Distance (from Clarinet Songs)
Colin Wambsgans – Dogs2, Coffee
James Klopfleisch – Borrowed Methods of Photography
Christian Wolff – Microexercises

Nicholas Deyoe, guitar
Katie Porter, clarinet
Christine Tavolacci, flute

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