Red Desert performs at Spectrum, NYC

Red Desert

Red Desert: Katie Porter, clarinet, bass clarinet and Devin Maxwell, percussion, electronics

Earle Brown – Four Systems (1954)
John Cage – c Composed Improvisation No. 2 (1990)
André Cormier – Sommeil (2002)
Alvin Lucier – Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator, and One or More Reflective Surfaces (1990)
Devin Maxwell – Bonneville Park (2011)
Tim Parkinson – Drum Piece (2009)
Michael Pisaro – Turning (2001)
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Ein Vöglein singt an Deinem Fenster from Amour (1976)
Michael Vincent Waller- Arbitrage (2011)
Michael Vincent Waller – Arbitragé II * (2013)

*World Premiere

Thursday, July 18, 2013, Spectrum, NYC

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