Summer 2022: Residency at KLANGRAUM in Dusseldorf, Germany / Phase to Phase with Lucio album release on FTARRI / Shows at UMOCA- more

Excited to spend two weeks at KLANGRAUM in Dusseldorf. Week 1, July 5-10 with musicians Eva-Maria Houben, Antoine Beuger, James Creed, Lörinc Muntag, Bernd Bleffert, Max Gibson, Angeles Rojas. Week 2, July 19-14 Lucio Capece and I will play Phase to Phase with musicians/dancers/artists Joep Dorren, Christoph Nicolaus, Rasha Ragab, Werner Dafeldecker, Alex Mah, Arash Khakpour, Helga Fanderl, Malala Lekander. Concerts July 10 and July 24.

JULY 3, 2022 Phase to Phase (Lucio Capece/ Katie Porter bass clarinet duo) out on FTARRI Records (Japan) I will have CDS! I’ve been talking about this record release for awhile but it’s been impossible to ship things from Japan, so this has been a real labor of love. Get one! LINK SOON

Aug 12, 2022 Christine Tavolacci/ Katie Porter Duo show at UMOCA Art Opening

More shows/ travel in the works!

Red Desert in the studio at San Francisco State University with composer Steve Horowitz – SFS residency May 2022

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