WANDELWEISER Twin Cities Festival


I was part of the ensemble to premiere 9 new pieces by the Wandelweiser Collective in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I played bass clarinet almost exclusively, and loved the moments where Jürg Frey and I had some beautiful clarinet duets, our first time performing together.  Our ensemble: Nomi Epstein, Erik Carlson, Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Jürg Frey, Dante Boon and myself.   A terrific ensemble and great group of people.  Here were the programs (the Manfred Werder ~ 2014(2)//1 Ausfuehrender was performed as a duet for bass clarinet & piano)

4pm Saturday, September 27th
Eva-Maria Houben ~ places to listen – ravens
Johnny Chang ~ citara I/II
Eva-Maria Houben ~ places to listen – spring
Manfred Werder ~ 2014(2)//1 Ausfuehrender
Radu Malfatti ~ Kyougo

8pm Saturday, September 27th
Michael Pisaro ~ Extinguished
Stefan Thut ~ six and two
Antoine Beuger ~ desert into dwelling place

1pm Sunday, September 28th
Jürg Frey ~ Movement, Ground, Fragility
Manfred Werder ~ 2014(2)//1 Ausfuehrender
Dante Boon ~ st. paul



Craig Shepard On Foot: Brooklyn CD released on Edition Wandelweiser Records


Just got copies of On Foot:Brooklyn in the mail today from Craig Shepard.  I’m playing clarinet on the first track “Sheepshead Bay, May 20, 2012”.  Our parts are over the top of a field recording of Downtown Brooklyn, which is funny, considering we recorded it on top of a mountain out here in Utah, trying to get our notes in around the sounds of melting snow, rain on the roof and really excited birds.

The photo above is of the silent walk from Greenpoint to Red Hook that I took with Craig Shepard and friends. It was also a cold and rainy day and when we arrived in Red Hook, Christian Kobi, Craig and I played a beautiful trio.

I’ve been happy to be a part of this whole project, the music and the experience have been lovely.  I’m glad Craig took the time to make these recordings.