Sound American No.27: The Life Issue

Katie Porter

It’s Not A Loop, It’s A Spiral: Fragments of Letters I Wrote This Year

I wrote about a lot of things, about collaborations with Lucio Capece and Christine Tavolacci and how music is about people for me, working together, being together. But also, I wrote about the days and days going by, impermanence, isolation and all the little things. Thank you Nate Wooley and Jennie Gottschalk for asking me to contribute to SA27 and thank you to Juho Laitinen for the inspiration to write this year and for always writing me back so beautifully.

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Peter Gordon’s Symphony 5 for LOLO (Love of Life Orchestra) on FOOM Records

Peter Gordon is releasing a recording of our live performance at Roulette.  I loved playing in this dream band.

Performed by Love Of Life Orchestra.
Symphony 5 is the first new Peter Gordon album in almost two decades.Recorded at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY.

40 minutes in duration.

Artwork & Handwriting by Kit Fitzgerald.


releases 16 February 2015

Katie Porter: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Paul Shapiro: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Max Gordon: Trumpet
Peter Zummo: Trombone
Bill Ruyle: Vibraphone
Ned Sublette: Electric Guitar
Randy Gun: Electric Guitar
Yunior Terry: Bass Guitar
Elio Villafranca: Piano
Robby Ameen: Drums
Peter Gordon: Organ & Synthesizer