4th of July

Thinking about this piece today: 4th of July.  It was clearly a beginning of our Red Desert duo, and not caring one iota if we programmed half-hour pieces.  Rollin Hunt met us in the weird with his excellent video (those are my eyes!).  We performed it at The Stone!!! in maybe 2009?  I really want to do more works with video these days.


Upcoming shows! Spring 2019

April 17, 2019 7PM Red Desert & Radical Quiet at the UMFA in SLC, UT https://umfa.utah.edu/events

Red Desert ensemble and Radical Quiet, an Honors College course that cultivates presence and awareness through mindful experience of the arts, present Terry Riley’s IN C.  Red Desert (Katie Porter/Devin Maxwell) will perform Morton Feldman’s Bass Clarinet and Percussion, Pauline Oliveros’ Bye Bye Butterfly and Devin Maxwell’s PH6.  Afterwards, an all-star ensemble of Utah musicians and students will perform Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece IN C for an indefinite number of performers.

June 9, 2019 7PM Listen/Space Commissions at DOGSTAR, Los Angeles, CA https://www.facebook.com/dogstarorchestra/

We are having a _GIANT_ book release concert in LA to celebrate the release of 4 volumes of scores from our Listen/Space commissioning project, along with 6 hours of recordings.  Almost all of us will be there!   Including: Quentin Tolimieri, Katie Porter, Devin Maxwell, Stephanie Richards, Phil Rodriguez, Kevin Farrell, Jonathan Marmor, Kristin Olson, Christine Tavolacci, Doug Barrett, Travis Just, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Nathan Herrera and André Cormier.  It will be stellar!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!


Talking about extreme techniques for clarinet in experimental music: at the Utah Clarinet Fest 2019

Well, I’ve never quite done anything like I did at the Utah Clarinet Fest.  I talked for an hour about pieces I’ve been working on, and some of the crazy things composers *ask* me to play.  About 40 young clarinetists tried some things out with me, we talked soft multiphonics, the softest of notes, the loudest multiphonics and spectral multiphonics, singing and playing, extended flutter tonguing and slap tonguing, extended durations and _very_ very high clarinetting.  It was super fun.

Later in the day I performed Daniel Goode’s Long Distance and Lucie Vitkova’s FIVE.  On stage at BYU for a bunch of clarinetists, the Vitkova felt like one of the most subversive things I’ve done in awhile… !!!!   Feb 22, 2019, BYU Harris Building of Fine Arts


Performing with Sarah Hennies at Moma PS1 in NYC Feb 3

I really _LOVED_ taking an overnight flight, very tired, and landing in the awesome NYC winter-spring weather to play this show at Moma PS1 with an amazing group of woodwinds Sarah Hennies compiled.  I spent the day alternating between wandering the Bruce Nauman exhibition and playing the loudest, most brash possible spectral multiphonics on the bass clarinet.  It was rad.

Sarah Hennies’ PASSING on Queer Trash : with Ka Baird, Derek Baron, Lea Bertucci, Michael Foster, Rebekah Heller, Joshua Rubin and Katie Porter.  https://www.moma.org/calendar/events/5023

Performing with WILD UP: We The People in SLC, UT Feb 2

It was so nice to have the band WILD UP come through SLC and spend a week working on a ton of music I find really important.  As with all experimental music, there was some failure involved and I loved that.  We played Julius Eastman, Pauline Oliveros, Louis Andriessen, and a bunch of other works, including a beautiful work on forgiveness as the audience sat on the stage with us.  So many of my favorite Utah musicians joined including Devin Maxwell, Indigo Rain Cook, Ashkhan Fakhrtabatabaie, Maya Miro Johnson, Kris Johnson, & Nic Quilter. https://tickets.utah.edu/uncategorized/wild-up-we-the-people/img_20190201_194238

Old photos from Brooklyn shows circa 2007?

Found these on the good ol’ internet today.  FAVORITE PEOPLES

images (1)images

At Galapagos, Brooklyn with Analog Arts, playing maybe Music for Spaceships by Devin Maxwell:  James Moore (guitar), Johnny Chang (violin), Eric KM Clark (violin), Katie Porter (clarinet) and Joe Drew (trumpet).  Next photo: Hira Lesea (drumset), Devin Maxwell (guitar), Katie Porter (clarinet), Kevin Farrell (bass) playing a quartet of Dev’s I don’t remember at Rattelstick Playwright’s Theater, NYC.

Solos at Avant Vespers in Provo Jan 4

I enjoyed sharing a show with Christian Asplund and Lulu Asplund at Avant Vespers in Provo, Utah.  I played Vitkova FIVE and Maxwell Cloudseeding 4, my go-to solo set as of late, I’m loving letting these works develop over time.  I inexplicitly didn’t take any photos (maybe because I had an entire carload of electronics) but I did take a picture of my fortune from the Pho noodle shop.  I’ve been thinking so much about community and building community in music, and about how you can’t create music in a vaccum.  And how both of these works came out of deep friendships.  So yeah, call an old friend today.img_20190104_193656

Upcoming shows & talks, etc 2019!!

Jan 4, 2019 7:30PM solo experimental bass clarinet @ Avant Vespers, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Provo, Utah

Feb 2, 2019 7:30PM  with Wild UP: We The People @ Libby Gardner Hall, SLC, Utah

Feb 3, 2019 3-6PM with Sarah Hennies and Queer Trash @ MOMA PS1, NYC, New York

Feb 22, 2019 2PM Katie Porter presents extreme and extended techniques for clarinet & bass clarinet in modern and experimental music @ Utah Clarinet Festival 2019, BYU, Provo, Utah

Feb 22 2019 5PM Katie Porter solo experimental clarinet performance at Utah Clarinet Festival 2019, BYU, Provo, Utah

March 18 & 20, 2019 2PM Katie Porter guest talks about heightened and extended musical experiences at Phillip Bimstein’s RADICAL QUIET honors course, University of Utah, SLC, Utah

March 25 2019 7:30PM  Red Desert: The Edge of Music at Westminster College, SLC, Ut  (***POSTPONED UNTIL THE FALL 2019!!***)


Music into mountains, deserts, oceans

In 2019 I plan to send more music I love off mountains and into the desert and into the ocean. I spent some time in Madeira learning a Lois V Vierk piece, here’s a snip from my practice room!!! Happy New year all you inspiring people xo kp