Listen/Space Commissions House Concert

July 2, 2016, Tollgate Canyon, Utah13558907_10208453412885932_2025443931432490050_o (1)13585006_10208453412605925_8177782476402992276_o (1)

You are invited to an outdoor house concert at our cabin the evening of July 2 at 7:30PM! This is the culmination of the second year of the Listen/Space Commissions, a seven day residency with an 11 piece ensemble rehearsing and recording thirteen (!!) newly commissioned pieces at our cabin.  This year, most pieces are composed experimental chamber music and several include open improvisation.  Several incredible musicians and world-class improvisers are joining us, including trumpet player/composer Stephanie Richards from UCSD, NYC baroque oboe specialist Kristin Olson, Los Angeles flutist Christine Tavolacci, NYC bassist Kevin Farrell, Utah’s own Gavin Ryan on vibes, Nathan Herrera on saxophone, yours truly on clarinet, Robin Streb on viola.  We’ll be playing new works by Laura Steenberge, G Douglas Barrett, Devin Maxwell, Canadian composer Andre Cormier, Eric KM Clark, Polish composer Robert Jedrzejewski, Jonathan Marmor, Andrew Munsey, Stephanie Richards and Object Collection’s Travis Just, and more!!  The program is TBA, but we will play our hearts out for you!

Listen/Space Commissions 2016

Listen/Space Commissions & Residency, June 27-July 3, 2016

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We are spending a week in residence at our cabin!

Announcing the 2016 L/S Commissions and Residency!  We are supremely interested in watching a body of work evolve, so many composers and performers are the same folks, with some wonderful additions including composers Robert Jedrzejewski and Laura Steenberge and composer/performers Stephanie Richards, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Kevin Farrell and Nathan Herrera.

Composers André Cormier, Zack Scott, Jonathan Marmor, Devin Maxwell, Stephanie Richards, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Kevin Farrell and Nathan Herrera, will be in residence with us!!

This year we have 13 new pieces, including several pieces for an improvising ensemble.  Our residency will take place June 27- July 4, 2016.

Composers 2016:  G. Douglas Barrett (Brooklyn, NY), Eric KM Clark (Los Angeles, CA), André Cormier (Moncton, Canada), Kevin Farrell (NYC, NY), Nathan Herrera (Santa Barbara, CA), Travis Just (Brooklyn, NY), Jonathan Marmor (Cambridge, MA), Devin Maxwell (Park City, UT), Andrew Munsey (San Diego, CA), Stephanie Richards (San Diego, CA), Zack Scott (Minneapolis, MN), Laura Steenberge (San Fransisco, CA), and Quentin Tolimieri (Brooklyn, NY).

Ensemble 2016:

Christine Tavolacci, flute
Kristin Olson, oboe
Katie Porter, clarinet
Nathan Herrera, alto sax
Stephanie Richards, trumpet
Eric KM Clark, violin
Robin Streb, viola
Robert Jedrzejewski, cello
Kevin Farrell, bass
Gavin Ryan, vibes
Andrew Munsey, drumset and percussion
Jonathan Marmor, auxiliary percussion
Devin Maxwell, conductor