Winter shows & projects 22/23

Phase to Phase in Berlin, Dec 2022. Lucio Capece & Katie Porter. Photo by Angeles Rojas

Nov 9 2022, Brian Harnetty Words and Silences premiere. Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus,Ohio. Brian Harnetty, piano, Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Jeremy Woodruff, flute/alto sax, Phil Rodriguez, trumpet and William Lang, trombone.

Nov 10, 2022 Residency/ Recording Brian Harnetty at Thomas Merton Hermitage in Kentucky

Nov 13, 2022 Katie Porter solo // OLIVIA DE PRATO record release party (Brooklyn, NY)- ARTIST MOTHER PROJECT on New World Records. Hosted by QUBIT at Mise-En_Place

Dec 1, 2022 Brussels, Belgium. Recording Phill Niblock new piece for two bass clarinets. Katie Porter & Lucio Capece

Dec 2, 2022 Phill Niblock Sub Rosa Special Arcane #6: Phill Niblock/ Katherine Liberovskaya/ Guy De Bievre / Lore Luxenborg / Lucio Capece / Katie Porter. Sweet Potato, Katie Porter & Lucio Capece (Phase to Phase) bass clarinets. Le Lac, Brussels, Belgium produced by Sub Rosa & Guy-Marc Hinant

Saturday 12/3 at Nuit Beautas, Grand Hospice, Brussels
Phase to Phase, S. Kakouri & P.Jacquemyn /Eve Bonneau &PJV/GM Hinant& N.Vanderlinden

Monday 12/5 at Berlin School of Sound, Berlin
Phase to Phase (Katie Porter & Lucio Capece, bass clarinets)//Andrea Parkins (amplified objects & electronics) + Eliad Wagner (synthesizer)// Angeles Rojas -Breathe into the forest, into the bird into the song- Kevin Sommer- Bb clarinet, Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Sofia Salvo, bari sax, Jeremy Woodruff, bari sax, Lucio Capece, feedback, Julian Galay, tuning forks, Angeles Rojas, Shruti box// Jeremy Woodruff – Ne Voyne (Katie Porter, bass clarinet & Jeremy Woodruff, bari sax, field recordings)

Dec 8, 2022 John Hastings Spirals Brick Aux Space, Brooklyn, NY

Dec 19, 2022 Infrequent Seams Streamfest 4 at Roulette with Ghost Ensemble, Either/Or, 4tet2duos Brooklyn, NY

Dec 20, 2022 Infrequent Seams Streamfest 4 at Roulette with Ghost Ensemble Catherine Lamb: interius/exterius, world premiere. Pauline Oliveros: N.Y. Air (Arctic Air) with IONE. Brooklyn, NY

Dec 21, 2022 Phill Niblock SOLSTICE concert at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

Jan 26, 2023 ETERNITIES (Katie Porter/ Bob Bellerue) at Shift 411, Brooklyn, NY 8PM with David Grubbs & Eli Winter, Reg Bloor

Jan 27, 2023 ETERNITIES recording session with Bob Bellerue & Teerapat Parnmongkol at Pioneer Works, NYC

Feb 2-5, 2023 Opening 23 Festival, Trier, Germany. Phase to Phase: Katie Porter/ Lucio Capece

Feb 7, 2023 Phase to Phase at KM28 Berlin, Germany + Sofia Salvo solo + Quentin Tolimieri’s Bass Clarinet, Piano, Bass (Katie Porter, Werner Dafeldecker, Quentin Tolimieri)

Feb 7/8, 2023 Recordings with Lucio Capece, Quentin Tolimieri, Werner Dafeldecker in Berlin

Feb 9, 2023 Olivia De Prato/ Katie Porter at Brick 15 in Vienna, Austria. Vienna celebration of the record release I.AM ARTIST MOTHER PROJECT

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