Red Desert UMFA review

A great review of our UMFA show by Les Roka in the Utah Review!!!!

“Last week, Red Desert performed an engrossing program of experimental music, representing more than 80 years, in a continuous stream that ultimately comprised a one-hour composition. The concert was held in the Great Hall of The Utah Museum of Fine Arts(UMFA), as part of its chamber music series. The Utah performance followed two recent appearances in New York City with the duo performing various works from its repertoire.

The order and the selected works were curated carefully. Experimentalism is not haphazard nor is it trivial nor a novel curiosity. Indeed, the Red Desert performance offered an enlightening perspective of how experimentalism shapes and affirms new sounds and techniques in the long game approach of reaching musicians and listeners.”


“Certainly, as provocative or as unconventional as Red Desert’s program may have seemed for some, the overall performance conveyed an artistic elegance that easily would disarm critics or those skeptical or intimidated by the idea of such programming.”

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