Red Desert shows in UTAH Sept 19 & 29

We have been so fortunate to get a ton of support from the UMFA (Utah Museum of Fine Arts) for our music, and we’re excited to return to their Chamber Music Series alongside the artwork of Spencer Finch in the Great Hall, where we’ll be playing a totally amplified version of John Cage’s 4’33”, contact mics on cymbals and clarinets, Jim Tenney’s Drum Quartet and me on the contra-alto clarinet (thank you BYU for loaning it to me!) playing Christian Wolff and Susanna Gartmayer and a ton of works never, ever heard before in Utah, for sure.

And then the following week, we’ll be outside, at Robert Smithson’s SPIRAL JETTY for a UMFA community meet-up, with our music, and science, art and activities.  I plan to spend an hour or more, slowly walking the Jetty and performing Michael Pisaro’s solo clarinet work, Within 6.   I recorded it at the Sun Tunnels, and feel that giving it a chance to meet sand, earth and sky is just what needs to happen next.  I’ll also walk around Part 1 of David Dunn’s PLACE, walking (appropriately) in a spiral, recording and playing back sound of the environment.  Also, we’ll premiere John Hasting’s Spirals for Jettie a clarinet/percussion duo he wrote for us and baby Jettie.  And Devin will play Oliveros, Tenney and Xenakis on drums!  It’s a dream concert for sure!

Sept 19, 2018, 7PM, free
Red Desert: Beginnings and Ends
UMFA Great Hall
Program: Johanna Beyer Suite 1 for solo clarinet, John Cage 4’33” and 0’00”, Adrian Democ A Luca Marenzio II for clarinet/percussion/electronics, Susanna Gartmayer E for contra-bass clarinet, Devin Maxwell Wind Harmonics for electronics, Giacinto Scelsi IXOR for solo clarinet, James Tenney Three Pieces for Drum Quartet, Lucie Vitkova Choral No. 13 for clarinet/percussion duo, Christian Wolff Microexercises

Sept 29, 2018, 1-4PM, free
Red Desert at the Spiral Jetty
Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake
Program: Michael Pisaro Within 6 for solo clarinet, David Dunn Place: Part 1, John Hastings Spirals for Jettie, Lucie Vitkova FIVE, Michael Pisaro A Little Dance, Pauline Oliveros Single Stroke Roll Meditation, James Tenney Having Never Written a Note for Percussion, Iannis Xenakis Rebonds A

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