Red Desert in Santa Cruz


red desert + catherine lamb’s muto infinitas

wind river
421 wild way, santa cruz

Red Desert is the duo project of clarinetist Katie Porter and composer/percussionist Devin Maxwell, who have been performing, commissioning, creating and championing interesting music for 17 years. Their program stems from the stripped-down, austere and crystalline beauty of Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Lucier, and extends to younger composers Lucie Vitkova and Devin Maxwell.

The program concludes with Catherine Lamb’s new composition muto infinitas, for bass flute and double bass, performed by Christine Tavolacci and Scott Worthington. Lamb’s work explores the elemental, physical aspects of sound, and of the room, and requires performers to adjust their tuning to the harmonic series of overtones found in every physical space, and every harmonic vibrating body.


Alvin Lucier Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator, and One or More Reflective Surfaces

Lucie Vítková FIVE for solo clarinet and cell phone

Phill Niblock Ottavio

Pauline Oliveros Single Stroke Roll Meditation

Devin Maxwell Cloudseeding 4

Catherine Lamb muto infinitas

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