Performance at the ELM Sessions at the Lilypad in Boston, MA


We are happy to announce the first concert of the Experimental Listening & Music Session, at Inman Square’s Lilypad for $10. In addition to the music, copies of Jennie Gottschalk’s new book “Experimental Music Since 1970” will be available for purchase! Join us for the following works:

G. Douglas Barrett – Everything is purged from this composition but Melody, no ideas have entered this work (x100) [2015]

D. Edward Davis – broad call [2016]

Jennie Gottschalk – Consensus [2016]

Ian Power – Buoy (after Laurence Crane) [2015/16]

Laurence Crane – Come back to the old specimen cabinet, John Vigani, John Vinagi III [2007]

D. Edward Davis
Nomi Epstein
Jennie Gottschalk
Katie Porter
Ian Power
Colin Tucker


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