Peter Gordon’s Symphony 5 for LOLO (Love of Life Orchestra) on FOOM Records

Peter Gordon is releasing a recording of our live performance at Roulette.  I loved playing in this dream band.

Performed by Love Of Life Orchestra.
Symphony 5 is the first new Peter Gordon album in almost two decades.Recorded at Roulette, Brooklyn, NY.

40 minutes in duration.

Artwork & Handwriting by Kit Fitzgerald.


releases 16 February 2015

Katie Porter: Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Paul Shapiro: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Max Gordon: Trumpet
Peter Zummo: Trombone
Bill Ruyle: Vibraphone
Ned Sublette: Electric Guitar
Randy Gun: Electric Guitar
Yunior Terry: Bass Guitar
Elio Villafranca: Piano
Robby Ameen: Drums
Peter Gordon: Organ & Synthesizer

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