Performing Feldman’s Bass Clarinet & Percussion and more at the Construction Company NYC

May 20, 2011

The Construction Company NYC

Baseball by Devin Maxwell
Bass Clarinet and Percussion
(1981) by Morton Feldman

Dan Joseph Ensemble

Suite for Eight Instruments
Tonalization (for the afterlife)

Dan Joseph Ensemble
Shelley Burgon, harp, Gyan Riley, guitar, Tom Chiu, violin, Loren Dempster, cello, Marija Ilic, harpsichord, Leah Paul, flute, Katie Porter, clarinet, Danny Tunick, percussion, Dan Joseph, hammer dulcimer

Devin Maxwell & Friends
Devin Maxwell, percussion, Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Alex Waterman, cello, Ryan Maxwell, guitar, Lawson White, percussion

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