Arsenic-Free: Shows we were part of in Brooklyn,NY 2006, 2007, 2008

For a blip in time on the internet, the music projects Devin and I were part of we cataloged as Arsenic-Free Music, and had a little website with shows we were playing with friends in Brooklyn.  We also released our first CD under this moniker with composer/bassist Kevin Farrell, called FOUR TRIO.

Here’s some of that history:

Past Shows

– Monday Jan 14, 2008 at the Rattlestick Playwright’s Theather “the son, the father, and the holy spirit” by Devin Maxwell

– Jan 13 at the Cake Shop, Lady Lucille

– Oct 11-13, 2007 Triskelion Arts Center, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Jessica Gaynor Dance to Lady Lucille music******

– Sept 6-10, 2007 ARTSAHA, Omaha, Nebraska. ANAlog Arts Ensemble will perform Devin Maxwell’s “music for spaceships to make love to”, for tape and 4 instruments, at Omaha’s new music festival.

July 12-17,2007 LADY LUCILLE TOUR

Thurs JULY 12, 11PM
Brooklyn, New York

Friday JULY 13, 9PM
Friday the 13th Chamber Pop Explosion
Brooklyn, New York
call us or email for info

Saturday JULY 14, 6PM-8PM
Brooklyn, New York

Monday JULY 16, 8PM
Hamden, Connecticut

Tuesday JULY 17, 7PM
Cafe Grumpy Greenpoint w/ MAD GREGS, ING & ANNI ROSSI
Brooklyn, NY

– June 24, 2007, WAX Works at Triskelion Arts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our good friends Jessica Gaynor (choreographer) and Quentin Tolimieri (composer) have finally teamed up. Don’t miss this one. Dev and Katie will be playing vibes & bass clarinet, respectfully.

-June 21, 2007, 5PM-10PM, MAKE MUSIC NY, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on the sidewalk at the corner of Roebling St & Metropolitan:

Arsenic-free Music presents…

music for the great outdoors: HEVIN, NONETHELESS, TEXAS DEMOCRATS, IMAGINARY PEOPLE, LADY LUCILLE, THE THIN SET, JOSEPH DAVANCENS, RIDER, and the KEVIN FARRELL GROUP. Performers include: Beth Schenck, sax, Quentin Tolimieri, piano, Katie Porter, clarinets & vocals, Hira Lesea, drums, Jane Herships, guitar, Phillip Neimeyer, guitar & vocals, Phil Rodriguez, trumpet, Ryan Weston, bass, Kevin Farrell, bass, Joesph Davancens, guitar, bass, pedal steel & electronics, Dan Dzula, drums, Mark Dzula, guitar, Ryan Maxwell, guitar & bass, Brooke Jenn, vocals, Ian Wolff, guitar, Nate Lithgow, bass, Max Tucker, drums, Devin Maxwell, guitar & drums, Nick, electronics, Alex Wyatt, drums, more amazing musicians…..

– April 25th, 2007. 10:30PM. Galapagos, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Devin Maxwell’s music as part of an electrifying evening of electroacoustic and experimetnal music with the Analog Arts Ensemble and Loop 2.4.3 and our old friends Johnny Chang, Travis Just & new friend Joe Drew.

– April 20, 2007. 9PM. Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn, NY. Lady Lucille plays this lovely country bar with Charles Bissell, The Nads & The Texas Democrats.

– April 15, 2007. 7PM. New York Theater Workshop, NY, NY. Premiere of the next chamber music piece in the series of pieces NOT inspired by 20th century socialite paris hilton by composer Devin Maxwell. Played by: Phil Rodriguez, Katie Porter, Kevin Farrell and Devin Maxwell. Presented by the New York Chapter of CalArts Alumni and curated by Miranda Hardy.

– March 4, 2007. 8PM at Laemmle Sunset 5, Screen 4, Los Angeles, CA. UNTITLED 17 by Devin Maxwell on the big screen again! This time in sunny L.A.! See it, hear it. Get tix HERE. Presented by the New York Film & Video Festival.

– Feb 18, 2007. Tonic, NY, NY. Katie on clarinet and Devin on marimba in “who cares how long you sink” the great music of our friend Jason Ajemian.

– Dec 14, 2006Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY: Devin Maxwell’s chamber music and Lady Lucilles experimental pop accompany odd films. Played by: Katie Porter, Gretta Cohn, Joseph Davancens, Quentin Tolimieri, Laura Harrison, Devin Maxwell, Doug Perkins.

– Dec 8, 2006Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn, NY: Devin Maxwell’s chamber music with Films. Played by: Katie Porter, Gretta Cohn, Joseph Davancens, Quentin Tolimieri, Laura Harrison, Devin Maxwell.

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